Whether you’re a business owner or manager, running a company comes with a long list of responsibilities, including cleaning. Owning an athletic club is no exception, and it can be intimidating knowing where to start to ensure you’re providing your customers with the cleanest and safest experience possible. We’ve put together our top 3 cleaning tips to help you and your business.

Brief Staff on Hotspots

As a business owner or manager, no one knows the little details quite like you. When training employees on cleaning procedures or hiring a professional cleaning company like R&S Cleaning, make sure to brief the staff on the high trafficked areas in your facility. Paying extra attention to hotspots can help prolong the life and quality of your equipment while making sure that the area stays sanitized and polished.

Set a Schedule

In athletic clubs and fitness centers, it’s not uncommon to have multiple people touching the same object with sweat and other germs on their hands. It’s crucial to disinfect these items multiple times a day, which may be challenging to keep track of. However, taking the time to build a schedule depending on the frequency of cleaning needed can help staff stay on the same page and ensure that disinfecting happens on a consistent schedule.

Client Education

While routine cleaning is necessary no matter what, educating your members on proper athletic club etiquette can help prevent the spread of harmful germs between cleanings. Some of the best practices to prevent the spread of germs include using a towel to cover equipment during use, providing disinfectant wipes to allow members to clean the equipment before and after each use, and washing their hands after the workout. Displaying educational signs around the facility can not only help maintain equipment in between cleanings but can also keep your members healthy.

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