The perfect area rug can tie a room together and make your house feel like a home, which is why knowing how to remove stains properly is so important. Whether you were hosting company and a drink spilled or your furry friends tracked in mud, it’s hard to avoid stains. While you wait for the R&S cleaning experts, use our top 3 tips for removing stains to maintain the quality of your area rugs.

Identify Fabric Type

When something spills on our area rugs, it’s second nature to try to clean the stain as soon as it happens. Before you jump right in, though, it’s essential to identify the fabric type to maintain the rug’s quality. The fabric type can play a huge role in what products you use when trying to remove stains. With so many different fabric and soil types it’s important to understand how the fibers react in order to clean properly. If you’re unsure how to clean a stain on your rug, call the R&S experts, we will get a team out to help you as soon as possible.

Vacuum Loose Dirt

Vacuuming your area rug regularly is an important step to make sure your rug lasts for years, but it’s just as important when removing stains. Now that you’ve identified the fabric type and have a better understanding of what’s safe for your area rug, start removing the stain by vacuuming loose dirt, dust, or crumbs. By vacuuming your area rug first, you have broken down that first layer of dirt, allowing the cleanser to work directly on the stain. This allows you to use less product on the rug itself which can ultimately help protect the fabric quality.

Spot Test Cleaner

Now that you know your fabric type and have vacuumed your area rug, there’s one final step before diving in with the stain remover. Spot testing! It’s important to test a small amount of cleanser on the corner of your rug to test for colorfastness. This allows you to do some more research and switch stain removers if colors run before ruining your favorite rug.

Want to ensure your fabric quality? The R&S experts can clean any kind of area rug safely and effectively. Give the R&S experts a call today to book our area rug services. 970.945.7591