We all give our homes a caring, deep clean in the spring, but are you doing the same every fall? At R&S, we know that life gets chaotic as fall kicks-off the constant holiday season. Get prepared for a happy, healthy fall with R&S’s ultimate fall cleaning checklist!

Fall Cleaning Made Simple

With winter colds and holiday décor around the corner, follow these tips to get your fall cleaning done right.

Deep-clean your pantry and closets.

As the year goes on, our pantries and closets accumulate unused goods and unnecessary clothes. Prepare for the new season by:

  1. Removing all contents from your pantry/closet
  2. Wipe down shelves or racks
  3. Sort contents into keep, trash, and give-away piles
  4. Put the keep piles back into their respective areas, throwaway the trash piles, and take give-away excess to your local shelter, food bank, or donation center.

Wash your windows

After a long, busy summer, your windows can become dirty inside and outside.

  1. Dust and vacuum dirty and grime
  2. Wash windows on the inside and outside of your home

Pro-tip: try this on a cloudy day so you’ll easily see missed streaks!

Clean your gutters and maintain your roof

Fall is sure to bring rain and snow, which can be detrimental if your gutters are clogged or your roof is cracking!

  1. Use a ladder to climb to examine the gutters and rooftop safely
  2. Remove chunks of debris from the gutter with gloves, a leaf blower, or broom
  3. Inspect the gutter and roof for cracks, wind damage, missing shingles, etc.

Swap linens

During the summer, you likely used cooler, temperature regulating sheets and blankets. Now, it’s time to break out the heavy blankets and flannels! Before you do, be sure to give them a quick clean.

  1. Wash and store current linens
  2. Give your mattress a fresh scent by sprinkling it with baking soda, then vacuum it up
  3. Wash all winter linens to remove storage scents or collected allergens

Give your home a deep clean

Before winter hits, give your home the best DIY deep clean. Then, hire professionals to deep clean carpets and tedious tile and stone. Then, invest in a long-term protection plan.


  1. Clean all pantries and the fridge
  2. Put any unnecessary appliances and cooking tools away
  3. Using bacteria-killing wipes or spray, clean the counters, stovetop, and microwave
  4. Sweep/vacuum kitchen floors to remove dirt and dust, then mop


  1. Wipe down all services
  2. Clean all mirrors
  3. Deep clean toilets
  4. Remove all contents from the shower, then deep clean
  5. Sweep/vacuum dirt and dust, then mop

Living rooms and rooms

  1. Clean out closets, reorganize and donate unused clothes
  2. Dust exposed surfaces and wipe down windows
  3. Remove all trash
  4. Wash linens
  5. Vacuum/sweep the entire floor and move objects

Print the R&S Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist below, and don’t forget to give our expert team a call when you need additional cleaning support. Call us today: 970.945.7591