When your family comes together and makes memories, sometimes the carpet in your home pays the price. Fortunately, is your carpet is protected properly those accidents can turn into fun memories. Stain prevention is imperative for active homes where spills and mishaps are a busy life. You can keep your carpet and your family safe by preparing ahead of time so that your family’s fun memories don’t become unsightly stains for years to come.

Utilizing a stain prevention treatment like Scotchgard on the soft surfaces in your home will go a long way to keep stains at bay. Scotchgard is a durable water repellant that works to protect furniture, carpet, and other fabric surfaces by preventing the spilled substance from soaking in. Treating your carpet and upholstery ahead of time can help keep your home looking beautiful for a long time to come.

Here’s how to prevent stains from your home!

Vacuum Regularly

When you vacuum your carpet regularly, you will pick up dirt particles that are invisible to the naked eye. When this dirt remains in your carpet and is ignored, it can build up, eventually causing the carpet fibers to absorb the dirt, which makes your carpets more incredibly difficult to clean. Vacuuming over carpet that has been treated with Scotchgard actually improves the quality of the clean. Dirt will be picked up more quickly and requires fewer passes with the vacuum to lift it out.

Bonus tip: If you are looking for a vacuum, consider the needs of your home. Do you have stairs? Do you have pets? Search for a vacuum that can give your home the best clean possible with ease.

No Shoes on Carpet

While it is convenient for family members to wear their shoes rather than leaving them piled up by the door, try finding a solution that includes no shoes on the carpet. Shoes carry dirt and germs from everywhere they tread, and then deposit those particles into our home’s carpet. When you don’t even realize it, your shoes can leave an ugly stain on your carpeting.

Strategically place rugs in your home

Doing this can help alleviate the stress on the high traffic areas of your home. Placing runners in hallways and area rugs will protect your carpet from normal wear and tear and more serious spills.  Does your family lounge and snack on the couch every movie night? Consider a spot rug under the sofa. Rugs are easier to clean and are MUCH easier to replace than the carpet in your home. Remember that you can treat your rugs with Scotchgard as well so that they also get protected from stains.

Soak up Spill Immediately

The BEST way to save carpet from permanent stain damage is to treat a stain as quickly as possible. Allowing the stain to soak into the carpet is the worst mistake you can make. If you happen to have your carpet Scotchgard treated already, cleaning up a stain is as simple as blotting up the spilled substance and then blot cleaning the area with a gentle cleaning solution using a white cloth. The white cloth will let you know when the stain has been picked up while preventing an accidental dye transfer from a colored cloth. Then, rinse the area lightly with cold water and then blot the remaining water.

Get carpets cleaned professionally

Getting your carpets regularly cleaned by professionals will ensure that the dirt and germs stuck deep within the fibers of your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned. Every R&S professional cleaning service gives your carpet and upholstery a fresh start.

The R&S expert technicians are ready to give your carpet the deep clean it deserves so that you can fight stains! Scotchgarding your carpets following a cleaning service will increase the life of your carpets and it enables you to clean up most spills by simply using a rag and water. Save yourself the headache by calling the experts for a deep clean and stain prevention treatment.

Call R&S to schedule your cleaning now and ask about our Scotchgarding services.