As we welcome the warmer days ahead, the spring season gives us a new opportunity for a reset and reason to organize our space. Being organized does not mean throwing everything away. Instead, it is about figuring out how to create a space that works more efficiently. R&S is here to help you keep peace of mind. Start the spring season right with R&S’s Spring Organization Checklist!  

The Kitchen 

Putting essentials front and center should be a priority in the kitchen. Reorganize storage situations by placing the most frequently used items on easily accessible shelves, decluttering utensil drawers, and purging unwanted foods in the pantry. For more leisurely mornings, turn a cupboard into a dedicated spot for morning necessities such as coffee supplies and breakfast favorites!


Bedrooms should be the most peaceful and tranquil space in our homes. However, they tend to be the most cluttered. Go through drawers and shelves and throw away unneeded items. Invest in under-bed storage boxes for things you need to keep, use, or love. Do not let the space under the bed become a hiding spot for items!


Most clutter in bathrooms comes from products we tried but did not like. Usually, these items get shoved to the back, taking up precious space and gathering dust. Sort through your bath and beauty products and toss out things that are not serving a purpose. Baskets and trays are a terrific way to keep everything organized in the bathroom.

Arranging For Productivity 

Transforming your office into an efficient workspace clears the way for higher productivity and less wasted time. Remove everything from the desk, clean it thoroughly, and put back only the essential items. For everything else, use desktop organizers and containers to help keep the space clean and organized over time.

Tech Devices

Our tech devices deserve some love too! One place to start is our email inboxes. Over time, we can be left with hundreds of emails that we no longer need. Unsubscribing to promotional emails and creating designated inboxes can be beneficial. Additionally, erasing unneeded files and applications can allow your devices to work more efficiently.

When your belongings are tidy, your whole space feels cleaner and more inviting, and daily life becomes more pleasant. Download our Spring Organizing Checklist to get a head start! Call the R&S experts to give your space the clean it deserves.

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