At R&S, we know that it can be difficult to keep your home clean while so much of the family is staying at home during COVID-19 social distancing. Now that it is springtime, spring cleaning is in full swing for many families. Cleaning the surfaces of your home simply to remove grime doesn’t necessarily kill viruses. However, combining soap and hot water has proven to be effective at killing this virus. To kill any virus that might be living on the surfaces in your home, you must properly disinfect, which incorporates using chemicals to kill the virus after you remove the “dirty” you can see.

Here are some cleaning and disinfecting tips from our team:


Dust and declutter

Many families use Spring cleaning as an opportunity to de-clutter while getting their homes clean and organized. A great place to start is by getting rid of old/unused items and then rethinking how you store household items. Taking the time to wipe down and disinfect the items before putting them in their new homes is a great way to limit harmful particulates and germs. Getting rid of the surface layer or dirt by dusting shelves, window panes, ceiling fans, etc.  is a great way to prep surfaces for a full disinfecting.


Vacuum and clean carpets

Just like dusting, the initial step of vacuuming your carpets is very important to remove the dust and dirt so that you can clean your carpets effectively. When you have your carpets professionally cleaned, the hot water and detergent is very effective at killing germs and viruses. Adding this routine to your spring cleaning is a great way to prepare your family for a healthy summer.        


Clean tile and natural stone

The tile and natural stone in your busy homes can look dirty and dingy if they aren’t deep cleaned regularly. They can be cleaned with the proper cleaning products from the store, or by using a household mixture of  ½ cup baking soda and 2 gallons of water (make sure to mix well). This is a great non-toxic cleaning option for tile and natural stone flooring and countertops. As always, for that professional deep clean that goes beyond surface stains and discoloration, the experts and R&S are here to help!


Disinfect frequently touched items 

Take Lysol, bleach, Clorox, or another chemical cleaning product to the frequently touched surfaces in your home. Remember to get doorknobs, light switches, kitchen, and bathroom handles, etc. so that nothing is left out and your family doesn’t pass any illnesses around to one another.



For many, a big part of spring cleaning is reorganizing your home. Take the time to wash and fold all the linens in the closet, evaluate and organize seasonal items and holiday decorations, as well as kitchen utensils. Anything that can create clutter should be evaluated and donated if it’s no longer needed. Not only can your donation help a local organization, but it will also clear your home of clutter, helping you stay organized and tidy.

No matter what your cleaning goals are, R&S is here to help with tips or a deep cleaning service. Give us a call to give your home a nice deep clean/disinfecting service.