Commercial properties like resorts, condos, office buildings, and vacation properties often see some heavy traffic. Everyday household items like white vinegar and baking soda are fast, inexpensive, and effective at helping you get rid of stains quickly. These simple, expert cleaning tips can help you get back to business.



For most messes on carpets, follow these steps:

Start by filling up one spray bottle with cold water, and another one with a ¼ teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent and one cup of warm water.

Spray the detergent solution into a color free cloth and gently dab the stained area. As the stain dissolves, blot it until the stain is gone.

Use the other spray bottle to apply cold water on a clean cloth and use it to remove the detergent solution from the carpet, then blot the area again with a dry cloth and allow the area to air dry thoroughly.



With so many different types of materials for upholstery, many manufacturers help make your cleaning process easier by providing a cleaning guide on the tag. Check the label so you are sure to use the recommended cleaning method that will not harm your furniture. Usually, the labels come listed as:

  • S – Use a solvent-based cleaning product. Water can damage the material.
  • WS – You can use water or solvent-based cleaner on the material.
  • X – Only vacuum the material.
  • W – You can clean the material with water.

Before you start applying any cleaning solutions directly on the upholstery, test in a small, inconspicuous area to avoid any possible damage to the entire surface area. You can follow these steps to both visibly remove a stain and its odor for many fabric couches.

1. Start by applying baking soda to remove the odor in the spot.

2. Using a brush attachment, vacuum the area to remove the baking soda.

3. Make a solution of 1 tbsp of dishwashing liquid, 1 tbsp of white vinegar, 1 tbsp of baking soda, and one cup of warm water in a spray bottle.

4. Apply the solution to a white cloth and rub and gently blot the affected area, starting from the outside working toward the center.

For microfiber couches, baking soda and distilled water can work well for removing stains. Once you check the tag of your upholstery, follow these two simple steps.

1. Mix baking soda and water and rub the paste into the affected area using a clean white rag to remove the stain.

2. Once the stain is gone, remove the paste by gently scrubbing and blotting the area with a clean, damp rag in a circular motion.


Animal Cleanup

We all love to bring our furry friends on adventures. Sometimes when a guest brings their pup along, you might find some messes left behind that need to be cleaned up. It is important never to use harsh, scented cleaning products to mask the waste scent. This can actually attract future animals to mark their territory in the same spot. Instead, you can make some homemade cleaning products that can save the day.


For cleaning pet stain, follow these simple steps:

1. Use a plastic bag to remove any solid pieces but be careful not to force it even more into the surface.

2. Try to soak up the spot as much as possible with paper towels or rags. Do this as many times as necessary until a dry paper towel or rag is no longer picking moisture.

3. After you have soaked up the stain, make a solution of equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle (the white vinegar will help eliminate the odor). Apply the solution to the stain.

4. Use a soft-bristle brush to work the vinegar solution into the carpet.

5. Blot the area dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.


These steps will help you be prepared if you find any stains that might need your attention immediately! R&S always has a team of experts on-call for after-hours emergencies to help keep your property looking sparkling clean! Ready for a fresh start? Give us a call today! 970.945.7591