Are you getting ready to host guests? With the warmer weather, more people are starting to plan their adventures and lodging accommodations. Whether you are hosting friends and family or preparing your vacation rental property, now is the time to evaluate your preparation for guests’ strategy. The R&S team of experts is here to help with more than just deep cleaning services but also everyday cleaning tips.

Kitchen & Living Room

When you are preparing for guests, start by cleaning the most frequently used spaces in the home – the kitchen and living areas. People always gather around in the kitchen, so it sees a lot of traffic. When you have guests visiting, clean these areas top to bottom. In the kitchen, you must remember to clean more than just the countertops, also targeting the cabinet and appliance handles, light switches, and even the chairs. For the living room, start by vacuuming up the carpet, rugs, and upholstery, this will eliminate surface dust and allergens, leaving the space feeling clean and fresh. Wash all blankets and pillow coverings that are machine wash safe; this will not only kill unwanted pathogens but also bring a fresh smell and face to your living room for when your guests arrive.


Many people assume that the bathroom might be the germiest place in the home, and most of the time, it is, in fact, one of the cleanest. People clean their bathrooms more frequently than other rooms in the home. This is no exception when you are preparing for guests. When you are doing this, you can go through your regular cleaning routine for the bathroom. Remember to disinfect all the frequently touched items in this room – light switches, cabinet/door handles, bathmats, shower handles, and be sure you empty the trash can.


When you have guests visiting your home for an extended period, one of the main things you must prepare in their room, your guests should have space for them to retreat to that allows them to relax. First, start by making their bed by fixing it with freshly cleaned sheets and bedding. By doing this, you are not only ensuring they feel fresh, but you are also putting their mind at ease, knowing that they are staying in a clean space. Whether your guests are friends staying at your home or renting out your VRBO, consider their needs as guests and prepare to meet them.

If you are hosting some friends just for an evening party, visiting family for the weekend, or if you are preparing your property for a new party of guests, preparation, and cleaning ahead of time will be important. 

Need more than just a surface clean? Call the R&S team to get a deep clean that will make your house sparkle.