As ski season comes to an end, now is the time to get cleaning. Tired vacation rentals haven’t seen a break for the past four months and are very much in need of a deep clean. Ski destination hot-spots are taking advantage of the post-peak slow time. For vacation rentals, a postseason clean should be far more thorough than the clean you give between guests. This clean should be a systematic, top-to-bottom inspection and deep-clean of every surface in your rental property.

For this cleaning service, you want to make sure to clean every corner, nook and cranny, and those places you might not regularly think of. These are hotspots for gathering dust and germs. This can be a time-consuming project, so it’s important to set aside enough time to accomplish your to-do list. R&S is here to make sure you are prepared to tackle it all!

Have a plan going in.

It is important when tackling this project to go in with a plan and know exactly what needs to be deep-cleaned in the property. It may seem silly, but creating a checklist is a great idea to make sure you don’t miss anything along the way. Start with the basics like cleaning all your carpet and flooring, including your bathrooms and kitchen. Putting in the time and effort to make sure your property is clean and well maintained will help you through each busy season. This project will make sure your property is refreshed after a long season and ready to make your guests happy in the upcoming summer season.    

Create a list.

Have a to-do list so that you know exactly what you need as you start your deep clean. When you are cleaning your property be sure to touch these often-forgotten places:

              Window treatments- having nice clean windows are a great way to show off your view and evoke a feeling of luxury to your guests.

              Light fixtures- these have a tendency to gather dust, and before you know it, they look unkempt and dirty. Having a regular cleaning routine keeps your property looking neat and tidy.

              Vents- this is another spot in the home that can gather dust and look dirty over time, but again, with regular cleanings, they can make the home feel tidy and fresh.

              Cabinets & drawers- clutter tends to gather in cabinets and drawers in most homes, commercial properties are no different. Make sure things aren’t getting missed and the items you’ve stored in these places are neat and organized and, of course… clean.

              Appliances- with the traffic that these properties see, appliances can get grimy quickly. Make sure to clean inside all appliances and clean the dust that gathers around them.

              Electronics- devices in the home are among the most frequently touched items, make sure to disinfect these regularly so that your guests have a clean space to enjoy and stay healthy

              Mirrors- make sure to wipe off all dust and speckles on mirrors properly so that streaks aren’t showing in the mirror.

              Fireplace- while cozy and luxurious, fireplaces of all kinds can gather dust and make a space look tired and unkempt. Give all surfaces a wipe down and make sure it doesn’t look streaky and you’ll be good to go.

              Outside patio- start by sweeping away any dirt or leaves that are on the patio, and then make sure all patio furniture is clean and dry. Check that the whole area looks neat and kept for the next guest at your property!          

Schedule time for projects.

The time you take for this cleaning service will be much more time consuming than when you clean in between guest stays. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to tackle each project. You might even consider giving yourself a couple of days to make it all happen, especially if you are planning on going a step further and making some improvements around the property. If you have guests coming after your deep clean, be sure to have finished your task list and walk through the house to make sure it’s guest-ready.

Think about the guest’s needs

As you go through the home to deep clean the property, try to think about your guest’s needs. What might they need during their visit? How can you accommodate those needs? Try to take an inventory of the things you have for their use. For example, in the kitchen, make sure there is enough tableware for the number of guests the property is able to accommodate. Check on bathroom amenities, are all of your towels nice and clean? If you need to replace any items, now is the best time to do so.

Seasonal deep-cleans are all about making sure your busy property stays in good shape. This is an opportunity to clean the places that might get missed on a regular basis, as well as high traffic areas like carpeting that might need some extra care. The more attention you give to your property when you are able to do so, the happier your visitors will be when they return.

As always, if you need any help getting that deeper clean this season, call the R&S experts.