Communities and health-related regulations are changing, and the need for stronger, safer, and more effective cleaning is vital. This is where the R&S promise comes in. At R&S Cleaning, we are committed to providing the best possible clean for your home or business. Not only are we here to fight off stains, but we are also able to help sanitize and disinfect various types of surfaces.

As cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing evolve, R&S continues to grow our offerings and update our processes. After searching for the best possible cleaning options, we have found a new product and crafted a new process, allowing us to provide superior cleaning services. The evolved R&S standard of clean is more effective than household bleach and is a safer product for your homes and your families.

Our New Product

We are utilizing a clean product that is non-toxic to humans and plants but is deadly to unwanted pathogens. Our product includes hypochlorous acid, which is found inside the human body, making the solution safe for all surfaces. The hypochlorous acid and other cleaning agents are deadly to the pathogens it is used against, killing every bacterium, virus, mold, fungi, or spore it has ever been tested against. Additionally, our new disinfectant is UDSA approved, food-grade safe and used in organic crop production to kill unwanted microorganisms. By adopting a hypoallergenic, non-toxic product, R&S can continue our commitment to a high standard of cleaning without sacrificing the environment or human safety.

This product is especially impressive because it destroys bacteria in a way that prevents the organism from developing resistance. By reacting chemically with the cell membrane, it inactivates certain proteins used in the DNA replication process. This destroyed the proteins functionality which prevents them from functioning and so it dies; because this product destroys the ability for DNA replication, the microorganism is unable to develop a resistance to the product.

A New Disinfecting Process

In order to maximize the effects of our new cleaning solution, R&S is utilizing foggers to disperse the cleaning agent. Foggers ensure that the solution is distributed evenly on every surface in the room, killing unwanted microorganisms throughout the space, including hard surfaces. This process can be done before, during, or after usual R&S services and will remain effective.

By combining our new cleaning process with steam cleaning (the number one recommended cleaning method for most household areas) it ensures an extremely thorough deep clean and disinfection of your home. After foggers disperse the disinfectant, no follow-up cleaning is necessary as it leaves behind no residue after application and is safe to be around during and immediately after its use.

Our R&S team of expert technicians is continuously updating their education, so they are up to date on the most effective cleaning techniques, all the while utilizing the best possible tools and practices. We are proud to add these new practices to our services so that you can feel confident that your home or business is being completely germ-free.


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