Last year taught us a lot. We learned how to appreciate the small things, like cozying up in the living room to watch a family movie, finding ways to be active at home, and doing DIY projects. As we spent more time inside, we realized how important it is to leave our homes clean and organized. Maintaining a neat and tidy house helps us keep our peace of mind and tackle day-to-day tasks more effectively!

As a new year begins, many are eager to achieve new goals. Start tackling your cleaning goals by creating a checklist that you can use all year long. That way, you can efficiently clean your home regularly, so you won’t have to stress-clean all at once. The best way to organize your cleaning schedule is to figure out what needs to be done daily, weekly, and monthly.



The best way to start the day is knowing that you accomplish something in the first five minutes. Right after waking up, make your bed before doing anything else. After a busy day, coming back to a clean, organized bed is super rewarding.

In the evening, make a point to clean your kitchen as it tends to attract the most bacteria and viruses in the home. Each night after dinner, clean the sink and countertops in your kitchen. This will help ensure the busiest room in your home stays clean, and you’ll start your morning in a clean, fresh kitchen.



Organize yourself weekly by assigning certain days to clean different areas of your house. Choose the days that are less busy with kids or work to tackle these tasks, for instance:

Wednesday: Clean all the kitchen surfaces and appliances. Start by wiping down the outside and cleaning out the inside of your fridge, clean your stovetop and microwave. Also, be sure to clear off and disinfect countertops, door/cabinet handles, and light switches in the kitchen.

Thursday: Use this day each week to take care of the floors in your home. Vacuum, mop, and sweep floors around your house as needed to stay up on necessary maintenance and keep dirt from adding up.



Once a month, it is important to take care of the big cleaning tasks around your house.

First Saturday of every month: Take time to clean your windows, launder your curtains, and clean your ceiling fans. You can also safely vacuum your upholstered furniture according to specifications or schedule a time with the R&S experts to deep clean the upholstery in your home.

After you implement your cleaning schedule for the first month, you can find out what areas that take you more time, so you can start managing your time even better. You can also delegate some of these cleaning tasks to the other members of your household so you can maximize efficiency.


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