Fall can be a wet and muddy season. Keeping your home clean during this time depends heavily on preparation and prevention. When you take extra measures to stop mud at the door before it comes into your home, then you won’t need to worry about cleaning the stains out of your flooring. These R&S reminders will help keep the mud outside and require less cleaning inside.   



When it’s rainy, and your family wants to enjoy fun outdoor activities still, you can minimize mud entry into your home by designating one or two entrances. Place a mat outside your door so that you can wipe/scrape extra mud off before walking inside. Some even take this a step further by dedicating an area in your entryway to creating a mudroom. This space should have a floor that is easy to clean, also providing an organized area for people to remove wet/muddy shoes and clothing before entering the house. Boot trays or racks are a great way to store dirty shoes so that their mess doesn’t spread, plus they are easy to clean. One other helpful way to catch dirt and mud before it makes its way into your home is to place washable rugs in the entryways so that dirt is caught before it makes it to your carpet. Lastly, this prevention tip takes a little more work but teaching your kiddos, and four-legged family members, to stay on rugs or in the mudroom to wait for you to help them clean up a bit before running through the house will help keep your home clean this fall.    



When mud does find its way into your clean home, there are a couple of guidelines to follow so that you can adequately clean to avoid stains. On tile flooring, it is best to use steam cleaning devises to clean up messes and disinfect your floors. Wood flooring, on the other hand, must be cleaned differently, either by sweeping or using a vacuum, then using wood safe cleaning products so that your wood flooring lasts. If mud gets on softer surfaces in your home, like curtains, towels, or rugs that are washing machine safe, you can easily clean them in one cycle. Mud will sometimes find its way to our carpets no matter how hard we try. When cleaning mud out of carpet, you must first let it dry so as not to rub the stain further into the fibers. Once the mud is dry, vacuum the area thoroughly, picking up as much dirt as possible. Using a carpet cleaning solution, blot the stain with a white cloth so that you can see the stain lifting, continue to blot until the stain is gone. Then gently blot with a paper towel to dry the area. When those pesky leaves that have fallen off the trees find their way into your home and crumble to a million little pieces, you can use a vacuum to pick up the pieces and make sure everything stays clean and tidy.   


Using these prevention tactics can help you minimize the mess this fall, and cleanup will be a breeze with these R&S tips. Major messes can happen, and the cleanup can be daunting. Whenever this happens, or if you are looking for a professional deep clean, call the R&S cleaning experts to sparkle up your home!