Keep your commercial space looking radiant this summer! With warmer weather and longer days, summer is a great time to deep clean. Uniquely, summertime is the best time to clean deep-seated dirt, accumulations of dust, and carpet stains. That is why the R&S team has developed some tips and tricks to help keep your space looking spotless.

Keep Your Windows Clean

With the constant handling of glass doors, walls, and windows, you are guaranteed to see some streaks here and there. Cleaning the windows in your space shows professionalism and provides a clean and fresh experience for employees or guests. Whether you have your windows professionally cleaned or do them yourself, there is nothing like a sparkling clean appearance.

Regular Floor and Carpet Cleaning 

With your commercial space seeing high amounts of foot traffic, it is important to clean your flooring regularly. Between the rise in temperature and more people going outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, your flooring will start to reflect the foot traffic. That is why it is important to vacuum and mop your space more frequently during the summer to keep up with the increased traffic and exceed customer expectations.

Treat Allergens

With summer comes seasonal allergens. Summertime pollen is as irritating as the wind that blows it in. Your commercial spaces can be a prime spot for allergens to collect, making it important to regularly clean and purify the air within your environment. Help minimize the struggle for your employees or guests by keeping your space free of allergens.

Professionally Clean

Have your space professionally cleaned regularly to keep up with maintenance and ease the stress of staying on top of your clean standard. No matter how clean your space may be, your employees and guests will appreciate the space looking radiant throughout the season.

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