Babies, while they are an adorable and exciting new family member, they come with a lot of extra worries. Babies, and all small children, are undoubtedly germ magnets. While doing something as simple as tummy time they can be exposed to countless germs and bacteria from the carpet and flooring they lay on. Here at R&S, we know that keeping your family healthy is your top priority, and keeping your little one’s bedroom clean is a great way to start.

Because of the nature of these ever-growing, curious, little ones, it’s up to us to do what we can to curb the spread of germs and keep them healthy. While your baby is enjoying tummy time, their fingers are picking up germs, dirt, and particulates, that will later go straight to their mouths when their hands do. Keeping a clean home environment is essential for keeping a healthy family!

Your little one is especially susceptible to the dust and allergens which your carpet and rugs can harbor. To alleviate this, start with a completely clean slate and call the professionals at R&S for a deep clean. Here at R&S, we safely clean your carpets, removing all harmful bacteria and allergens, and leaving a safe place for your child to grow and play.

Then, continue with regular maintenance by vacuuming frequently and quickly cleaning up any spills or messes regularly with a non-toxic cleaning solution. Try to utilize other basic cleanliness preventative measures to keep the carpet as clean as possible. Place doormats for people to use as they enter your home, and try to minimize how many people walk through your home with their shoes on. Shoes can unintentionally track chemicals from outside the house and get stuck in the carpet. Having a place to leave shoes away from your carpet is a great way to safeguard them from these toxins.

Keeping the carpets clean in your child’s room is a great start to limit their exposure to dust and other allergens, but including other items in your regular cleaning routine is also very important. In the child’s room, their toys, blankets, carriers, bouncers, and such should be routinely cleaned as well. When babies spend time on the floor with their toys and blankets, potentially harmful elements can gather on these items. These bits of contaminates go everywhere with your baby. Make sure blankets and sheets get washed and sanitized regularly, and try to take time as often as possible to disinfect their toys (be sure to allow them to dry completely before giving them back to your little one).

Strollers, carriers, bouncers, and other things your baby regularly spends time in should also receive regular cleanings. These items might slip through the cracks and only get cleaned in emergencies, but remembering to clean them regularly will help keep your little one healthy. Most of these products will have cleaning instructions to ensure they are correctly washed to prevent shrinking. If you can remove the metal parts of the car seat straps, you can put the straps in a pillowcase and tie it closed before placing it in the washer.

At R&S, we know that your family’s health is your number one priority, and we are here to help you in every way we can. From at-home cleaning tips & tricks to providing that much needed deep clean, we do it all.  

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