Now that children are back in school and fall is setting in, we will see the start of the flu season. We all know the basics of staying healthy like washing hands consistently and keeping a tidy home environment. However, there are a few things that might get missed along the way. Follow R&S’s flu season cleaning tips to keep your family well this flu season.


It’s no secret that the bathroom is one of the germiest places in your home, but not in the way you might think. Although the toilet is assumed to be the dirtiest spot in your bathroom, faucets, door handles, and light switches often get ignored and tend to be the germiest.

  1. It is vital when cleaning your bathroom not to neglect these often-forgotten areas. So, try to disinfect them regularly to kill all the germs.
  2. During flu season, it is essential to replace your trash can liner at least once or twice a week, thereby removing the bacteria that live within them.
  3. Think about where you store your toothbrush. Is it far away from the toilet? Is it in a breathable area? Keep bacteria from growing, and germs from spreading to other family members by storing your toothbrush safely, especially when sick.


The kitchen is the most lived-in part of your home, and you are likely cleaning it regularly. Much like the bathroom, there are areas often forgotten in the cleaning routine that make a big difference.

  1. Along with your countertops, you should be cleaning your sink, fridge and microwave handles, and for many, your coffee maker. All these areas harbor bacteria that we might not consider.
  2. Take extra caution to ensure germs don’t spread by changing your dish towels daily. Specify which towels you will use to dry dishes and clean countertops and which ones to dry hands.
  3. You probably clean your stovetop after dinner when things get messy, but your stove knobs are among the top 10 germiest places in your home. Be sure to wipe off the stove knobs when you clean your stove next.

Cleaning Supplies

Your house isn’t the only thing that collects germs. Throughout the year, and especially during flu season, it’s vital to clean your cleaning supplies. At R&S, we recommend:

  1. Cleaning your vacuum monthly. Start cleaning the filter by tapping or scraping the dust off. Generally, it will be a good idea to do this messy job outside. Then remove the hose, and any clogged debris can be removed gently from the tube with a wire hanger. Rotate the brush roller and cut away any thread or hair that is stuck on it. Lastly, the canister that contains the dust and debris can be removed, emptied, and should be cleaned with soap and water monthly.
  2. Run an empty hot-water cycle for your washing machine and dishwasher. For a deep clean, use hot water and bleach, the run again with only hot water to rinse thoroughly. You could also use Listerine to clean your washer if you would like something a bit less harsh.
  3. The sponge creates the perfect environment for germs to thrive and perhaps hosts the most bacteria out of anything else in your home. The two best ways to clean your sponge is by either soaking it in bleach for five minutes or by microwaving it on high for one minute. Adding these things into your regular cleaning routine will decrease the number of bacteria in your home.


Whenever you clean, target the high traffic areas of your home. These are the places and things that are touched most often. Disinfect your cell phones, remotes, and other devices. Bonus tip: letting in fresh air circulates and flushes flu bugs out.


As always, when you need a deeper clean, call the R&S experts to give you a hand. 970.945.7591