As summer slowly comes to an end and the kids go back to school, it’s time to get your home ready for the fall. The R&S team knows it can be easy to wave off fall cleaning until the spring, but the problem with that is, spring cleaning becomes an even more daunting chore. This year, allocate your endofsummer cleaning chores to a specific time and day to ensure that you tackle them all by the time fall gets here. Below are some tips to jumpstart your endofsummer cleaning to help save time and stress.  

Clean Cleaning Equipment 

Before you start cleaning, examine your mops, brooms, buckets, and vacuum cleaners to ensure they can get the job done. It is easy to forget that these things get dirty too. Replace your mop heads, brooms, and buckets, and service your vacuum to set yourself up for cleaning success! 

Refresh and Clean Out your Closet 

With a new season coming, go through your clothes and put away or donate summer items that you no longer wear. Go through each family member’s closet and dresser to find anything they’ve outgrown or haven’t been wearing over the past couple of months. By organizing and cleaning out the closets, you can allocate room for fall clothes and new school outfits.  

Deep Clean the Kitchen 

Take a few hours to go through your kitchen storage and get rid of any old or expired food; organize the fridge by taking out all the food and sanitizing each shelf and drawer. Tackle the often forgotten, time-consuming tasks of sanitizing the garbage and recycling bins. Deep cleaning the kitchen is a great chore for mid-August, as it allows you to clean out the summer food and messes in preparation for the start of a new school year.  

Organize the Garage 

With cooler days coming, it is time to go through all the items used for summer activities and clean the garage. Clean everything that you can still use before putting it away for next year. Keeping a neat and organized garage will ensure you know where everything is and can find it when you need it for the next season. 

Give Your Windows TLC 

When creating your cleaning game plan, it’s easy to overlook your windows. However, taking extra time to clean your windows and window screens before fall can help get rid of summer allergens and kill unwanted bacteria, helping prevent unwanted colds.  

Schedule your Professional Cleaning 

To ensure you get every nook and cranny in your house, from carpet, wood flooring, and tile to upholstery and drapes, schedule a professional cleaning with R&S and download our FREE End of Summer Cleaning Checklist! 

For help with any of your seasonal cleaning needs, call the R&S experts today. 📞970.945.7591