Maintaining our homes and keeping our business spaces clean can be tedious but necessary. Additionally, from what we have seen these past years, the emphasis on cleanliness has never been more critical. Knowing the best disinfecting practices for different surfaces is essential for proper extermination of bacterial activity – the activity that produces illnesses, disrupting our peace of mind! 

Our experts at R&S strive to continually evolve our technology and strategies to tackle our customers’ needs. Below are our recommendations on using household disinfectants correctly. 

Differences in Surfaces 

Glass, metal, plastic, and varnished wood are non-porous materials, while untreated wood, drapes, and carpet are porous materials. The most significant difference between porous and non-porous surfaces is their ability to hold water, air, or other liquids. Porous surfaces allow things to flow through them more easily, while non-porous are the opposite.  

Disinfecting Dissimilar Surfaces 

Your cleaning practices should change depending on the surface you are cleaning: 

Using alcohol-based sprays or wipes with at least 70% alcohol is desirable for electronics. Power down the devices first and avoid all ports. 

Regularly vacuum soft surfaces, such as carpet floor, rugs, and drapes. Use a microfiber cloth dampened with soapy water to remove more stubborn particles. Launder items (if possible) using the warmest suitable water temperature and dry items entirely. 

On hard (non-porous) surfaces, you can remove the dirt using a multi-purpose cleaner paired with a cloth to wipe it down. Multi-purpose cleaners remove dirt and grime but not the germs that cause illnesses. After, you can disinfect the surface with a store-bought disinfectant, but always be cautious and read the labels. Most labels show which surfaces are compatible and require proper dilution before applying them to any surface. Following disinfecting, allow the area to dry thoroughly before contact. 

Take Precaution  

It is always essential to wear gloves and allow for proper ventilation in the space when using strong disinfectants. Pay close attention to cleaning surfaces and objects used often in your homes and business spaces, such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, keypads, toilets, etc. These must be prioritized and cleaned regularly. Do not forget to wash your hands afterward! 

Achieving a proper disinfection cleaning can be challenging, but the experts at R&S are here to help, no matter what your cleaning goals are. Give us a call today to schedule your cleaning/disinfecting service!