The hustle and bustle of this season will surely keep your family very busy. There’s no exception when your home starts to fill up with family and friends. It is important to welcome them into a clean and tidy home. Follow these R&S tips when preparing for house guests this season. 


This is an extremely high-traffic area of the home. When you have guests, it is very welcoming to walk into a home that is not only clean but warm and inviting. Attention to detail will not only give you peace of mind but also your family and guests. Try to check these things when you have guests visiting your home. 

Coffee Maker 

Make sure to check the drip opening (and the area around it). Unplug the coffeemaker and turn it upside down. The drip opening may be covered with old coffee grinds. Clean it with a soft cloth and a solution of warm water and dish detergent. That way, the coffee you provide your guests will be the next best thing since Starbucks. 


We wash our dishes and hands regularly at our sinks and can sometimes forget about the bacteria that can gather at this vital location. Because of this, we must take the time to wash and sanitize our sinks before hosting this holiday season. You can sanitize by filling the sink with hot water, adding a small amount of bleach, and let sit for 5 minutes. 

Fridge & Oven 

Don’t let the added stress of house guests overwhelm you. Prepare for this season early by checking that your fridge and oven are in working condition. Be sure to clean out and organize your fridge with easy-to-grab snacks and drinks for your guests. 


As a host, your primary job is to accommodate your guests to the best of your ability. This means providing for their every need as well as ensuring the space they will be staying in is comfortable and clean. You can really wow your guests in this space by going above and beyond. 


Make sure not only the toilet is clean, but your entire bathroom is clean and welcoming. Empty the trash, clean the sink, and provide extra hand and bath towels. If you can safely leave a nice candle, that will make the room feel fresh and luxurious. 

Living Space 

Consider all the elements that might make their stay more comfortable. You can provide a clean and warm place to stay, but going the extra mile will make them feel right at home. Pay attention to detail and try your very best to accommodate their every need. Here are some things that might need your attention when preparing for guests. 


If your guests have especially young children, make sure your home is a safe space for them, and sometimes that the breakables in your home are safe from them. Check that all your outlets are blocked and lamps or potentially dangerous items are properly secured. 


Rugs are a beautiful addition to any home, but there are some things to keep in mind when you have guests visiting. Be sure to vacuum them ahead of time to remove any allergens and provide a clean and tidy space. Make sure your rugs are “slip-proof” so that your elderly house guests feel confident walking about in your home. 

Bedding & Linens 

Bedding is an especially important detail when hosting houseguests. Ensure their space is clean, so they are comfortable and don’t need to worry about anything but relaxing. If your guest has any allergens (dust, dogs, etc.), make sure the bedding in their room is deep cleaned before their arrival. 

Drapes & blinds 

Once again, if your guest has any allergies, make sure you think of everything. The curtains and blinds in your home can harbor dust and other allergens. Take the time to clean these areas so that they will be comfortable during their stay. 


We all love the furry members of our family, but not everyone can. If your guests have pet allergies, be sure to remove as much pet hair as you can and provide a separate place for your pet to be that will keep your guest comfortable. 

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