At R&S, we understand the difficulties in cleaning copper inside our homes. If you are looking for solutions to your copper maintenance questions and copper cleaning needs, look no further; R&S has your back! Below are a few simple steps to help maintain your copper and keep your home looking radiant. 

 What to Know About Copper 

Copper is a classic and rustic material, renowned for its durability and anti-bacterial characteristics. Most copper features develop a natural patina over time based on its use and, when properly cared for, give off a distinctive bright red-orange tone. When exposed to certain elements, copper undergoes a series of chemical reactions that give it a pale green outer layer called patina. Patina is highly prized among artists, but excessive amounts should be avoided near our daily use areas. Failure to do so can be harmful and can lead to copper toxicity.  

 What to Look for Before Cleaning  

A lacquer finish is usually added to new copper articles to protect against rusting. If the copper piece shines and does not change color or darken over time, it most likely has a protective finish. If there are tarnished spots, the lacquer finish may have been damaged. In these cases, it is ideal to strip the finish completely, as it can make it more difficult to clean.  

 Copper Countertops 

Copper countertops can be tricky but are manageable when maintained correctly. We recommend wiping up spills right away to prevent spotting/staining. To clean a finished copper countertop, all you need is a mixture of dish soap and warm water, a soft cloth, and some patience to take off stuck-on food and even some light stains. 

Avoid placing hot objects on copper countertops to help against unwanted changes in the natural beauty of the patina. 

 Smaller Copper Items 

While it is normal to see tarnishing in other copper household features around our homes, such as pans and mugs, a gentle wash with some dish soap and warm water will help keep these smaller items clean.  

 A wash with dish soap and warm water is adequate for unfinished copper pieces. To bring back that sought-after shine, mix a tablespoon of fine grain salt with enough vinegar to make a paste. Rub the mixture onto the surface with a soft towel and allow it to work its magic for a few minutes before buffing it with a clean cloth.  

At R&S, we understand how hectic everyday life can get. Allow our team of professionals to handle your deep cleaning needs and help you gain the peace of mind you deserve! 

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