When owning a rental property, it’s important to make regular updates to keep up with the competitive market and latest trends renters are looking for when booking. One thing to remember is that choosing the right furniture is a key factor in making your property stand out, and bring guests in. From little to the most extravagant decoration, your client will appreciate every detail in their vacation rental experience. Here’s a few tips from the R&S team to make sure your vacation rental will WOW your guests.

Create a “furniture checklist”

First, write down all the furniture that you already own and can be used in your vacation rental. You can decrease your costs by keeping pieces that are in good shape and can be a good fit for your vacation property.


Define your style

This is probably one of the toughest, but most fun parts of decorating your vacation property. Define the style that will satisfy the target audience according to your location. Try doing some research on local businesses, and the kind of tourists they attract to see what style works best in your area. Of course, always remember to plan according to your budget.


Don’t overdo it

Even though we all get tempted to fill every open space with furniture and every surface with souvenirs, it might become overwhelming to the client and overly expensive to you. Often, less clutter creates a peaceful environment that is easy to clean. When it comes to decor, investing in less, but in fewer pieces overall, but higher-quality furniture can bring you more customers.


Invest in performance fabrics

High-quality upholstery is a good long-term investment. As rental property furniture tends to be frequently used, thicker and high-end fabrics tend to have fewer issues and need replacement less often.


Mixing up textures can be fun and efficient

A clever way to mix up textures is to choose thick, but conformable textures for furniture that will be overly used, and thinner textures for other furniture, like curtains. For other surfaces, such as walls and couches, playing with patterns can also be a fun and smart way to find the best mix of textures. Many websites allow you to try different textures and find the best fit for your vacation rental through augmented reality.

Decorating your vacation property can be challenging, but the R&S team is here to help. When decorating your amazing rental spot, look for the right style, fabrics, textures, and always keep your budget in mind when planning. If you need a hand getting your place clean, fresh, cozy, and ready to go for guests, don’t forget to give us a call!