Winter is the perfect time to take your family on a winter wonderland vacation—the peak season for vacation rentals. Property managers who want to boost their vacation rentals or resort bookings should consider reviewing their marketing strategy. It is essential for property managers to continually look for new ways to expand their booking, keeping their calendars full.   

It is important to establish and maintain your property’s rental as an accessible rental. With hundreds of thousands of other rental properties out there, you must create an online presence using an updated strategy to bring awareness to your property and keep guests coming back. Check out R&S’s top five tips to turn online viewers into guests.  

Build a strong online presence.  

Create listings on multiple websites to build a robust online presence. You must be straightforward with the home’s description to sell your best assets, but do not deceive the viewer. Keep the listing description updated with each season. For example, mountain town rentals should emphasize proximity to ski resorts in the winter, but the summer description should be updated to highlight nearby music and art festivals. Invest in a professional deep clean before taking high-quality photos to accurately show the living space’s quality. Highlight luxury items or areas within your home, like a fireplace or a breathtaking view of the mountains, so your potential guests can envision themselves in your home for their mountain getaway.   

Make sure the interior is beautiful and clean.  

The property you are preparing for guests should be appealing and beautiful, so it looks attractive to online viewers. Inspect for any unsightly stains and deep clean the home after every visit so that every guest stays in a clean and comfortable space. Invest in décor that makes the home feel luxurious, anything from new bedding, pillows, and drapes to any other accessories. Making the house look especially cozy during the wintertime will help you target those looking for ski season bookings.   

Keep your calendar updated online.   

Whether you use an online platform that tracks bookings for you or do it all yourself, it is crucial to keep those postings updated and visible to your online viewers. If a viewer wants to book your property only to find out the dates they had prepared for are unavailable, the likelihood of them booking with your property decreases. Not only that, but if you list with various online sites, your ranking could go down if you declined a guest when your calendar appeared to be available on those dates.   

Offer top-notch services during their stay.   

No matter what kind of group you have as guests, whether it’s a large family and their two dogs, or just a young couple enjoying their time alone, their stay should be stress-free. Guests want to enjoy their vacation in a pristine, tidy environment. Sometimes, accidents happen with children, pets, or even red wine spills, so being prepared to handle cleaning emergencies is vital. Have a plan in place for when you need a professional deep clean to prevent permanent stains and keep your five-star review.   

Make their stay memorable.  

Offer amenities comparable to other vacation rentals in your area, and then offer your guests even more. Think about leaving a welcome gift for your guests, suggestions for local hotspots, and also providing extra necessities when you have a large group, anything to make their stay better. Let your guests worry about as little as possible, and you take care of the rest. Consider creating social media accounts for your rental so guests can tag the property and give you a positive review when they post pictures of their stay. A clean and cozy home will leave a lasting impression on guests that will keep them coming back.  

Though winter can be a slow time for many businesses, rentals can target a broad demographic of traveling people who want to spend their winter vacation on a dreamy getaway. Knowing your audience and creating a smart marketing strategy will help you just as much as having a clean, cozy, and relaxing home for your renters. Staying on top of your properties cleaning needs, both emergencies and scheduled cleans, will help boost bookings.   

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