As school is starting up again soon, it’s time to take action to make sure both your rental properties and homes are clean and ready. The R&S Team created some easy cleaning tips to make sure your kids get back to the books as smoothly as possible.

Know what areas to focus on

We all want to clean more often to make sure our kids are safe from germs and viruses, but cleaning with such frequency can be tiring. Thus, cleaning soft surfaces like carpet, upholstery, and drapery about once a week with a vacuum will help fight off dirt and germs. Then be sure to focus on cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, handrails, light switches, remotes, toilet seats, and sinks with more frequency. Cleaning these frequently touched surfaces daily will help keep bacteria and germs out of your household.

Embrace the good practices

Another good way to prevent germs from spreading in your house is to not allow them in. How? Check out these simple ways you can keep germs where they belong:


1. Make easy changes to your everyday routine: have your kids leave their shoes and backpacks at the door after school.


2. When your kids get home, make sure hand-washing happens right away. Washing their hands right away is the best way to make sure germs don’t spread from your kids to the surfaces in your home.


3. Keep hand sanitizers close; before eating, playing a game, or any other activity, make sure you apply hand sanitizer.


Bonus Tip: Teach best practices to kids

It’s important that children are aware of simple cleaning practices that they can do themselves! Simply having them wipe down their school supplies after school can help ensure they stay healthy during the school year. Binders, pens, and electronics can be cleaned with alcohol-based spray and a dry towel or wipes with at least 70% alcohol, so they are disinfected and ready to be used the next day again!


Ready for your kids to go back to school? Use these simple tips to help you create better and safe cleaning practices for your family during the school year. If you need a professional deep clean, schedule an R&S cleaning today to get your house sparkling and ready! 970.945.7591