Welcome your guests to a clean home this Fall season. As the weather begins to shift, so should your cleaning routine for your VRBO, and we all know cleanliness is a top priority for our guests. The R&S experts are here to share our favorite Fall cleaning tips for rental properties. 

Your Space 

First impressions lead to great reviews, and great reviews lead to more business. Your guests will want and expect a thoroughly cleaned space so they can enjoy their stay, feel safe, and make the most out of their vacation. The next time you clean between guests, make sure to: 

  • Check for personal belongings left in rooms.
  • Test locks and close entry doors.
  • Discard magazines that are older than six months.
  • Walk through the space after cleaning to ensure you don’t miss anything.  

The Bedrooms and Living Room  

Much like the rest of the house, the bedrooms and living room must be ready for guests upon arrival. There’s nothing more upsetting than getting to your VRBO after a long day of travel, and your bed isn’t made, or the living room couch looks like it hasn’t been taken care of. Avoid these possible mishaps with these tips for the next cleaning between guests: 

  •  Change sheets and pillowcases – use “hotel-standard” bed making.
  • Check for wear and tear on bedding, mattresses, and bedroom furniture.
  • Disinfect high-touch surfaces and straighten up cushions.
  • Ensure the welcome sheet/book is in a visible place and is in good condition.  

The Bathrooms 

Bathrooms are a place to pay special attention to. It’s important that you remove all evidence of previous guests to make the space sparkling clean and meet your cleaning standard. Take the time to disinfect and clean all bathroom surfaces and ensure your guests feel comfortable using the amenities. Use these tips during your next deep VRBO cleaning: 

  • Ensure shower curtains and doors are clean and free of mold and water spots.
  • Set clean towels and shower mat – use “hotel-standard” staging.
  • Check for wear and tear or stains on towels and shower mats.
  • Clean out drawers and cabinets.  

Get your VRBO guest-ready in no time this Fall with the R&S team. Our experts have you covered no matter what cleaning stage you’re in. Give the R&S experts a call to help keep your space looking radiant!  

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