Get Your Rental Ready for Summer 

For many rental owners, the summer is an extremely busy time. Many people ranging from college students and travelers to families are looking for a getaway in the warmer months. That’s why it is essential to have your place ready for any potential visitors and in sparkling condition. While the shift to the summer season can be difficult, the R&S team has your back! Allow the team to help make the transition seamless with multiple cleaning services to fit your needs. Below are some tips on preparing your rental for summer guests. 


As a rental owner, you’re responsible for maintaining, updating, and scheduling annual inspections to see if anything needs immediate attention. You can schedule an inspection anytime, but it’s vital to do it before the summer months to ensure your property is prepared for the warmer weather.  

 Air Condition Unit/HVAC System 

Though the warmth of summer is a welcome change, the indoors must be a place of comfort. It’s essential to have a functioning air conditioning unit for guests. Replace the filters, check the belts and bearings, clean air ducts, and remove standing water to ensure a pleasant guest experience. 

 Interior Airflow and Ductwork 

Good airflow allows for better home ventilation and keeps contaminants under control. A good ventilation system will aid in the removal of pollutants, bacteria, moisture, and undesirable odors. Check to see if all vents are clear and not obstructed by furniture that could be blocking airflow while checking for mold or dust. 

 Windows and Doors 

Check all windows and doors for gaps. Gaps and spaces can let cool air out during the scorching summer days, compromising your rental’s cooling efficiency and energy bill. Various stores offer gap-sealing strips or sealant to fill any unwanted holes inexpensively.  

 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

It’s crucial to maintain detectors as they can potentially save a life. States differ; however, so check your local requirements. For example, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are required for rentals in Colorado. Test all the detectors and check if their batteries are still functioning.  


While landscaping is a nice finishing touch, your guests will draw their first impression from the outside. Perform general maintenance such as clearing out fallen branches, mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubs, and planting new flowers. You can also hire a landscaping contractor to spruce up the landscape, giving your guests a view. 

 These small steps will make your property more welcoming to your future guests. Allow the R&S team to help you prepare for the warmer months ahead with a deep clean!  

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