Floor Cleaning

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Commercial properties, including resort/condos, office buildings, and vacation rental properties that receive heavy traffic and require a routine, professional deep clean. You can trust our expert team to provide a professional service that leaves the space spotless. From our air purifying and sanitation services to flooring maintenance and emergency cleaning services, the R&S team is always on call to help prevent permanent damage and keep your property looking like new.

Rash & Son Granite Countertop Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

At R&S, we value your flooring as much as you do. With our truck-mounted machines, our hoses & expert technicians will be the only things coming into your home. We are dedicated to excellence and follow proprietary hot water extraction cleaning methods (aka steam cleaning)—the only carpet cleaning method recommended by leading carpet manufacturers.

Our process is simple, yet efficient and allows us to remove dirt, spots and odors safely. Similar to washing your clothes, we pre-treat carpets and address any spots and stains. After the wash and rinse, water is extracted to minimize dry time.

Rash & Son Natural Stone Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

R&S expert technicians can clean all types of area rugs. Using our specialized hot water extraction (steam clean) method, we can appropriately adjust the chemical solution, water amount, water pressure and water temperature to clean all fabric types safely.

R&S can effectively clean most area rugs on-site, but depending on the fabric delicacy, we may make arrangements to clean the rug at one of our trusted facilities.

We offer premium protection plans for all of our carpet cleans, schedule an appointment today and ask how you can achieve a longer lasting clean!

Rash & Son Granite Countertop Cleaning

Tile & Grout

At R&S, we understand traditional tile and grout cleaning methods can be tedious and time-consuming. Scrubbing floors is messy, uncomfortable, and ineffective because regular mopping will never reach the underlying dirt within tile and grout pores. However, our certified technicians guarantee noticeably cleaner tile and grout.

R&S experts utilize safe products and hot water extraction cleaning methods to quickly and efficiently clean tile and grout surfaces. Through the R&S steam cleaning process, we increase water temperature and pressure to reach hidden dirt that lies deep within your grout lines.

Our methods are ideal for helping keep your family healthy by removing allergens from the busiest areas of your home. Are you looking for advanced tile and grout protection? At R&S, we offer premium protection plans for all types of tile.

Rash & Son Natural Stone Cleaning

Wood Flooring

At R&S, we know what it means to protect the quality and longevity of your flooring. One of the longest-lasting investments homeowners choose to make is hardwood flooring. Wood floors are a valuable addition to any home and can last a lifetime with proper, regular maintenance. Professional hardwood flooring cleaning requires specific techniques that may change based on the type of wood, which is why our expert technicians are certified to safely and effectively clean all types of hardwood floors.

Using top-of-the-line equipment and products, the R&S experts customize every cleaning to fit your flooring and guarantee the best clean possible. Technicians adjust the pressure settings and products used, while the machine cleans and squeegees. This process removes surface soil, embedded dirt, and minor scuff marks and imperfections. The floor remains perfectly dry during the cleaning process, allowing you to use the cleaned area immediately.

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