Flood Damage

Rash & Son House Flood Cleaning

Water and flood damages can occur from storms, appliances, overflows, sewage backups, and more. Each situation slightly differs and requires unique solutions. However, R&S general process remains consistent from inspection and assessment, through water removal and drying, to cleaning and restoration. Regardless of flood severity, R&S technicians will evaluate the best drying process while helping clean and disinfect damage areas.

Rash & Son Best Flood Cleaning

Our R&S expert technicians are dedicated to responding immediately to water emergencies. The quicker our response, the less damage occurs. R&S is highly-trained in water extraction and restoration. R&S high-efficiency equipment quickly removes water and dirt. Using our advanced technology to detect hidden moisture, and extract standing water, we thoroughly clean impacted surfaces. We take detailed care in monitoring and documenting the drying process to ensure quality and completion.

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