With school in full swing and your family participating in a different activity every day of the week, it’s easy to put cleaning  your home on the back burner. A messy  home is common for a busy family, but everyday clutter can quickly become overwhelming. R&S is here to help you keep peace of mind during this busy season.  Below are some tips to help keep your home clean while saving time. 

Do  Your  Least  Favorite  Chore  First 

We usually save the worst for last, but let’s switch it up for a change! Try doing your most daunting chore first. This way, it’s over and done with for the rest of the week or day. Not only will you have finished your most daunting task, but the rest of your cleaning list will also seem much shorter. 

Set  Aside  Time to  Clean 

It can be easy to push aside your cleaning tasks when you’re busy with kids, work,   and other family commitments. Make it a little easier on yourself by setting aside dedicated time to complete a task or two. This way, you can hold yourself accountable for vacuuming, picking up the mess in the family room, or tidying the mudroom. 

Include the Family 

Cleaning the house is a chore big enough for the whole family. Try including the whole family next time the house needs a refresh. Make fun tasks for the kids to complete and assign everyone a room or place they can focus on to leave the house looking radiant. This way, the whole house gets cleaned at once, and you can have peace of mind knowing your home is cleaner than when you started.

Leave the  Guilt  Behind 

It’s okay if you don’t get everything done in one day. Nobody will know that you didn’t have time to mop the floors or put in a load of laundry. Don’t be too hard on yourself for putting time into another activity instead of cleaning. You’ll find a cleaning routine and products that work best for you and your family’s lifestyle. 

For a deeper clean, give the R&S experts a call to help keep your home looking radiant! 

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