The busy and high traffic areas of our homes can gather dirt and wear down over time, but these areas are also the most accident-prone. Our carpet sometimes sees accidents that can be devastating to the carpet and upholstery in the home. Some of the most popular food and beverages, like greasy pizza and red wine, are among the biggest offenders. However, one of the worst stain types to clean are old stains. Acting quickly is imperative when cleaning up messes on the carpet. 

It is best to tackle spills/accidents rapidly before they turn into permanent stains and become more challenging to clean. Try using these R&S tips to clean different types of stains quickly.  

Red Wine 

Start by blotting the fresh spill; you could use water alone to dab the stain away or a mixture of one tablespoon white vinegar, one tablespoon hand dishwashing liquid, and two cups warm water. Continue to dab the spot until the stain lifts. If you aren’t having luck with that solution, use a one-part hand dishwashing liquid and two-parts hydrogen peroxide mixture. If you use this solution, be sure to spot test first to make sure your carpet doesn’t bleach.  

Pet Accidents 

Soak up as much of the liquid as you can as soon as possible. Then you can wash the area with cold water and let dry again. Apply an enzymatic cleaner to neutralize odor and let sit, then soak up the remaining liquid with paper towels.  


Blot up as much of the grease as possible, then apply an absorbent substance like cornmeal. Take a brush with stiff bristles to break up the stain. Apply a dry spotter to the area (8 parts liquid dry-cleaning solvent to one-part coconut oil), then using an absorbent pad cover the stain to soak up the stain as much as possible. Repeat as needed, covering the stain to absorb the grease. Using an absorbent pad, cover the stain with additional dry spotter. 


Start to clean up blood stains by dabbing them with a solution of two cups of cold water to one tablespoon of dishwashing soap. Then absorb the stain with a dry cloth and repeat. If you do not see results, dampen the spot with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (once doing a small spot check to see how it affects your carpet) and leave it for an hour and then dab until the stain is gone.  

Many stain types can be intimidating to clean, but the most important thing to remember is that the faster you start cleanup, the less likely you will have a permanent stain on your carpet. Sometimes, however, inevitable accidents may be too large or complex to clean thoroughly with at-home remedies. In these cases, we highly recommend calling the R&S team of experts to come and clean your carpet entirely. 


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