No matter the season, cleaning commercial vacation rental properties requires consistency. Commercial property managers and owners know that with so many people coming in and out week after week, scheduled, consistent cleanings aren’t just a good idea, they are essential! However, when it comes to managing regular janitorial services for resorts, or maid-cleaning services for VRBOs, it’s hard to know when to bring in the muscle for a professional deep clean. The R&S team understands that the everyday routine looks very different from the seasonal cleaning and maintenance routine. So, if you’re looking for ways to maximize cleaning efficiency and maintenance budget for your property, we will guide you in building the perfect cleaning schedule for your commercial property.


Specifically for resorts or condos, you may be able to offer more amenities to your guests, which often requires more everyday cleaning. This kind of cleaning relies on your janitorial or maid cleaning services. If you have a building full of rooms with different parties of guests, you may have different everyday cleaning needs, such as tidying up, making beds, replenishing towels, or even providing amenities like bathroom soap and pillow mints. 

Depending on the needs of your guests and the limitations of your property, you can determine how much cleaning will be needed on a daily basis and what your priority cleaning spots are.

Between Guests

The cleaning in between guests may require the most attention and can be the most unpredictable. Depending on your guest, you may need more time to turn over the room (or home) in order to have it ready for the next guest. Each time you clean between guests have the same cleaning routine each time by actively using a checklist. This will ensure you don’t forget anything in the process, and each guest enjoys the same clean environment.

Resort or condo managers are more likely to have a team or staff dedicated to these cleanings. Privately owned properties, however, might not have the budget for a maid service and may keep it in-house. For these owners and managers, we encourage making a list of areas of the house and things that must be prioritized, cleaned, and restocked between guests (linens, kitchenware, toiletries, etc.) and actively use that checklist each time you clean.


Regardless of your rental or resort type, seasonal cleanings are essential. Especially here, in the mountains of Colorado, the winter ski season is vastly different from the summer tourist season. Make sure your property is keeping up with seasonal changes appropriately. With that, it is important to clean the flooring and furniture in these spaces with frequent turnover. Scheduling regular professional cleanings will help preserve the integrity of the space and keep it fresh for each client. 

So, when you are cleaning your rental, whether with everyday tidying tasks, between guests or for a seasonal deep clean, consider the needs of your guests and maintenance of your property. Ensure nothing gets missed, and every guest receives the same treatment by using the same cleaning schedule and checklist for a consistent clean.

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