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Commercial properties, including resort/condos, office buildings, and vacation rental properties receive heavy traffic, and require a routine, professional deep clean. You can trust our expert team to provide a professional service that leaves the space spotless. The R&S team is always on call for emergency after-hour services to prevent permanent damage.

Rash & Son Granite Countertop Cleaning


R&S truck-mounted machines allow us to enter and clean the property with minimal disturbance. By using superior steam cleaning techniques, we are able to restore carpet and area rugs to their pristine condition. R&S understands that carpet and area rugs are subject to a large volume of traffic and stains; we guarantee the removal of dirt, odors, allergens, and stains. Unlike other services, our technicians clean area rugs on-site, using delicate removal methods to lift debris and stains from area rugs. Properties that host businesses or see heavy traffic from travelers will need regular carpet cleanings to increase the carpet’s longevity.

Rash & Son Natural Stone Cleaning


Tile is an excellent choice for commercial properties because of its durability and stain resistance, however, it also needs regular professional cleaning services. R&S is here to help save you the tedious, time-consuming efforts it takes to clean underlying dirt within tile and grout pores. We use safe products and hot water extraction, gently increasing temperature and water pressure to effectively remove hidden dirt and allergens from the high traffic areas of the property. Servicing your tile and grout regularly will increase its lifespan and reduce need for future repairs.

Rash & Son Granite Countertop Cleaning

Shower Stone

Natural stone has a porous texture that requires a careful clean with products safe for natural stone. R&S technicians examine the stone type, determine the best cleaning method, and complete each cleaning service by sealing the stone. Whether it’s natural stone in your showers or on your countertops, you can have complete confidence in the quality and longevity of our service.

Rash & Son Natural Stone Cleaning


R&S experts are trained to identify fabric type and provide a safe clean using our steam cleaning method or an alternative technique depending on the technician’s recommendation. Furniture in vacation rental homes can get grimy quickly because of the high volume of visitors passing through. Keep your furniture looking new, smelling fresh, and allergen free with spot cleaning or overall deep cleaning services.

Rash & Son Granite Countertop Cleaning

Animal Cleanup

Everything from home and pet accidents to bizarre wildlife intrusions can be serviced by our expert team. Messes from animals require a special enzyme cleaning method to fully remove bacteria and odor. Our team can efficiently clean stains with a quick response time or provide recommendations in severe cases. Our on-call team is available to respond quickly in order to prevent permanent stain damage.  

Rash & Son Natural Stone Cleaning

Emergency Cleaning

Busy locations like office buildings and vacation rentals see lots of traffic and may be subjected to accidents that require an emergency clean. R&S always has a team on-call for after-hours emergencies to help keep your property looking sparkling clean. Spot cleaning services or overall cleaning services can be arranged after hours with our on-call expert technicians when an emergency services is needed.

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