At R&S, we know that cleaning regularly can help keep allergy threats out of the home, making a healthier environment for your family. As we make our way through the summer, allergy season is in full swing. Now, as always, it’s important to keep your house clean, so mold and pollen don’t have a chance to gather or grow. From implementing a cleaning schedule to focusing on tricky spots, the R&S team’s quick tips will help you enjoy your summer and avoid allergy symptoms.

Understand What Causes Allergies

Pollen can be one of the leading causes of summer allergies. Even though the trees already passed their late spring pollen phase, the wind is still spreading pollen from many weeds and grasses. This time of year, is also known for elevated air pollution, leading to allergens in the air which can cause coughing, itchy noses, and watery eyes.

When it comes to house decor, plants, though not likely to bring pollen to your house, can create a perfect condition for mold to grow. You can mitigate this by watering your plants on a regular schedule with good drainage and using a microfiber cloth to clean off any gathered dust.

Create Good Cleaning Habits

As different causes can bring allergens inside your house, it is important to have a cleaning plan to make sure you and your family stay healthy. R&S prepared some quick tips for your week to help you get cleaning more efficiently:

  • Vacuum weekly. Carpets can become dust and pollen magnets. While this may seem trivial, with the hustle and bustle of modern life, it can be easy to skip a few (or more) cleanings. Empty your vacuum bag to make sure that you are removing dust instead of spreading it. Remember, your carpet needs extra attention during warm months because of how active we are. 
  • When returning home from a busy day spent outside, consider laundering your clothes right away. Large amounts of pollen and dust can get stuck in clothing; washing them quickly will prevent you from spreading dust and pollen throughout your house, especially on your furniture.
  • Make a family cleaning schedule. Cleaning can be a little tedious and time consuming, so make it a weekly family activity. Play some music, rotate tasks, and prepare snacks, and maybe this will help bring a little more excitement.

Clean Tricky Spots

Some spots, such as wall edges in the bathroom, blinds, windows, and curtains, can be tricky to clean or simply overlooked. Paying attention to these areas and cleaning them with an appropriate cleaning agent can cut down on mold and pollen.

For your blinds and windows, start with a dry microfiber cloth, clean both sides, and then glass spray (for windows) or multi-surface cleaner to make it shine. When it comes to your bathroom, consistency is key to keeping the space from gathering dust and grime. When cleaning curtains, utilize the correct attachment and vacuum the curtains every two weeks. As always, the R&S expert team can safely clean any upholstery or drapery in your home, leaving these soft surfaces fresh and allergen-free.

Extra Tip: Reduce Clutter in Your Space

Take a look at your house and find some objects that aren’t used frequently. Fewer objects mean there are fewer surfaces to gather dust, and a whole lot less to clean. Not only will it lighten your cleaning load, but it will also give you more free, open space.

Making your house shiny and allergy-free can be tricky. Use these tips to make sure you and your family stay healthy during the summer allergy season. Don’t forget to call the R&S team to schedule a thorough pollen and mold cleanse!