As we continue to adapt to the changes implemented by the coronavirus pandemic, we are committed to providing thorough disinfecting services for our clients. More than ever, keeping our community safe and healthy is our number one priority.

Thus, the R&S team created some cleaning tips and guidelines for rental properties, specifically for protecting against COVID-19 to make sure that your guests feel safe, happy, and enjoy their stay at your rental!

 Follow good cleaning practices

Keeping your employees safe means keeping your customers safe as well. Therefore, follow these simple guidelines for cleaning your rental properties:

  1. Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting. This will protect your employees’ skin when using harsh products and also provide extra protection from germs on the surface they are cleaning.
  2. Wearing PPE such as masks during the cleaning prevents staff from touching their mouth and getting infected. It is also recommended to wear eye protection as an extra precaution when cleaning a home that has recently hosted guests from out of town.
  3. When you use disinfectants, open your windows and let your surfaces air dry by keeping the room ventilated.

 Practice routine cleaning

Since you might not be cleaning the rental every day, make simple cleaning products available to your guests during their stay, like antibacterial wipes and a multi-surface cleaner. Doing this will allow your customers to clean high traffic surfaces on their own, such as tables, countertops, phones, sinks, etc. You can go a step further by providing your customers with a list of surfaces to clean daily and directions for how to clean to keep their family healthy during their stay. 

 What products to use

For cleaning your rental, use products that are proven effective against the COVID-19 virus. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has an updated website to help you find the correct products to use on various surfaces. Use them according to the instructions on EPA’s website and the tips on this blog!

Mix the right solutions

Bleach always makes an excellent solution against viruses and germs and is also effective against coronavirus. In most cases, a correct bleach solution is five tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water at room temperature, but always check the instructions on the back of the product. Look for bleach products with a sodium hypochlorite concentration of 5%–6%, or products recommended by EPA.

Bonus: COVID Marketing tip

Even though this is not specifically a cleaning tip, it is essential to pay attention to your messaging during these strange times. We all want to provide our guests the safest space possible vacation, but try not to use messaging such as “COVID free” or “coronavirus free” when advertising for your rental. Instead, focus on talking about the new cleaning methods that you are implementing to make sure your guests have a safe and enjoyable stay, such as new products you are using or extra precautions your staff is taking.

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