As the weather starts to warm up, skiers and snowboarders begin to pack up and take some downtime to prepare for their summer adventures. While they rest and readjust, it’s a good time to consider deep cleaning your rental properties. We all know it’s necessary to clean after every visitor, but this downtime can be a good opportunity to make your rental property look radiant and prepare for another fast-paced busy season. After all, you want to give your guests the best experience possible. Before you start deep cleaning, take a look at your rental from the point of view of your guest and do a walk through, paying extra attention to important amenities.

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

You better go check it! It may seem obvious but it’s important to regularly check if your appliances are working properly. It’s easy to get caught in the routine of just cleaning your appliances in between rentals, but nothing is more frustrating as a guest than paying money for an amenity that doesn’t work properly like a stove with a broken burner or a fridge whose ice machine gets stuck. While you’re checking appliances, take a look at the TV’s, remotes, and other technology in your rental. Do they need new batteries? Is the cable cutting in and out? These are the items that make your guests feel right at home and taking those extra steps can go a long way. 


Guests can get messy and drinks spill, that’s just the way life goes sometimes. In-between busy seasons is the perfect opportunity to get those tough stains out of your upholstery and leave your fabric looking good as new. The R&S experts can help identify your fabric type and clean your upholstery accordingly to maintain the quality. Let our professionals restore your upholstery to give you and your guests the best experience possible.

Don’t Forget About Yourself!

When thinking about cleaning in-between busy seasons, we tend to solely focus on the rental property but what about your space? Think about the last time you took a minute to tidy up your office or workspace. From sorting through old paperwork to dusting off your desk, taking the time to clean your workspace can help you stay organized and go into the new rental season feeling prepared to tackle any task that comes your way.

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