We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel now that our communities phase-out of the Stay-At-Home order, and our businesses begin to reopen. This is an exciting time and still stressful time for many. There are so many guidelines and limitations to reopening businesses during this time, especially those that have regular traffic and customer interaction. It is important to keep your business clean and disinfected in general, and it is especially important to do so now. Also, remember to familiarize yourself with your county-specific guidelines to safety and cleanliness, so that you operate safely and legally during this time.

Know your County’s Public Health Orders

You must understand the rules and guidelines that your county health department has prepared for your reopening process. This will help to ensure that you are operating within the county mandates, and more than that, keep your staff and patrons safe and healthy. When you are preparing to reopen, make sure you are educating your staff and providing information to your patrons. Post information about safety guidelines and practices. Pitkin County and the Aspen area have created this guideline for businesses and residents alike to get a better understanding of the Roadmap to Reopening. If you are preparing to reopen your business, be sure to research your area’s rules and guidelines so that you are operating correctly and safely for your employees and patrons.

Have a plan in place

Some counties, like Pitkin County, are requiring your business to submit a Business Safety plan before reopening. Whether it is required or not, taking the time to plan out the execution of your reopening status, is very important. Will you have one door for entry and another as an exit? Will you create a rotating schedule for your employees while operating with only 50% of the usual staff? How will you establish new sanitary practices that make everyone safer? Try to create a schedule to clean and disinfect regularly when you open your doors.

Deep clean and disinfect before you open

When you are planning to reopen, remember that cleaning and disinfecting beforehand plays a significant role in your ability to operate safely. Go through your business and wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant. Remember to get all doorknobs, light switches, computers and even the pens you use on a daily basis. You can take this disinfection one step further by deep cleaning your flooring. Though we might not think about it, our floors harbor germs and pathogens from all your visitors. Start off on the right foot, by deep cleaning your flooring, or calling in professionals to ensure the deepest clean possible. Putting in the work ahead of time will set your business apart and make your patrons excited to visit your business.

We are here for you every step of the way as you start reopening your business, if you need help achieving that deeper clean during your reopening process, call the R&S experts to schedule your cleaning service!