How to Leak-Proof Your Home Before Winter

At R&S, we know that harsh, mountainous Colorado winters can impact our homes. Understanding that winter can take a toll on your roofing, foundation, and heating systems, will help you prevent damage before it occurs. Try R&S top five leak-proof tips to ensure...

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The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist (free print out!)

We all give our homes a caring, deep clean in the spring, but are you doing the same every fall? At R&S, we know that life gets chaotic as fall kicks-off the constant holiday season. Get prepared for a happy, healthy fall with R&S’s ultimate fall cleaning...

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Carpet Cleaning 1-2-3s

Your carpets make-up the majority of your home’s floors. At R&S we know that regardless of your cleanliness efforts, your carpets always end-up dirty. To help your professional carpet clean last longer, follow the R&S carpet cleaning basics. Vacuum correctly...

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5 Tips for Cleaning Stone Showers

Natural stone is the ideal shower choice – and many of us already have it! While stone tile can last for a long time, it requires ongoing maintenance. Due to the porous nature of natural stone, combined with the shower’s humidity and sitting water, your shower can...

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Back-to-School Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Summer is coming to a close, and school is back in session, which means you’ll finally have time to get out those summer stains. Most parents agree (85% in fact) that it is easier to get the cleaning done when the kids are back in school. At R&S, we understand...

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