Summer is coming to a close, and school is back in session, which means you’ll finally have time to get out those summer stains. Most parents agree (85% in fact) that it is easier to get the cleaning done when the kids are back in school.

At R&S, we understand that even with the kid-free time you have to clean, that between balancing books and carpool sessions, you don’t always have time for a deep clean. So, when the unexpected happens in your house, try our top five back-to-school cleaning tips and tricks to get the job done.

Remove chewing gum by freezing it.

We all know that when children don’t make their gum into the garbage can, it’ll end up on someone’s shoe (or carpet). If your child tracks gum on your carpet, place a few ice cubes on the gum, wait one minute, and then carefully remove the frozen gum with a spoon.

Get rid of upholstery stains with shaving cream.

After a long day of school, work, and sports games, it’s easy for the kids to transfer unknown substances, dirt, and grass to your couch. With generic shaving cream, you can likely remove the stain in 15-20 minutes. After letting the foam sit, blot away the cream (until dry) with paper towels.

Use a doormat to decrease dirt in your home.

Doormats can seem annoying or old, but they can help reduce the amount of dirt and dust that is spread by the kids’ shoes. Try making it a habit to always take-off your shoes in the entryway.

Clean natural stone with dish soap.

Following a long summer with the active kids, dirt and grime are lodged deep in natural stone pores. To quickly clean up grime, use warm water and mild dish soap. After scrubbing and letting the soap soak, rinse the stone with distilled water. 

Polish granite counters with rubbing alcohol.

When you’ve spent the summer experimenting in the kitchen, sticky and greasy stains can build up. Try wiping counters with one-to-one water to rubbing alcohol solution. You can also use baking soda to remove large stains. We recommend never using bleach, vinegar, or Windex on granite, as they can remove sealant from the stone.

Taking the time for quick cleans can help you get the job done incrementally. But, if your spots and stains are more than a quick clean can manage, give us a call. Regardless of your cleaning needs, the experts at R&S are here to help.