Natural stone is the ideal shower choice – and many of us already have it! While stone tile can last for a long time, it requires ongoing maintenance. Due to the porous nature of natural stone, combined with the shower’s humidity and sitting water, your shower can quickly start harvesting mold and mildew. In addition to this build-up, our many hygiene products can damage the stone’s sealant. To avoid excessive grime, follow R&S’s quick tips for stone shower cleaning, and for a limited time, receive $75 off any stone cleaning of $250 or more (including your shower!).

R&S’s top 5 stone shower cleaning tips

Clean stone weekly.

Cleaning your stone shower once a week can help reduce grime, water deposits, and mildew build-up. Use stone-safe products, rather than vinegar or ammonia. Such products are too harsh on stone; their acids break down sealants and discolor surfaces.

Only treat mildew and mold with bleach.

While bleach is a standard cleaning product for most showers, it can be too harsh if excessively used on stone. However, spraying a one-to-one bleach-to-water mixture directly on mildew/mold will kill the bacteria almost instantly. After spraying, gently scrub the area with a bristle brush, let soak for 10-15 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

Clean with a microfiber towel or nylon pad.

To avoid detrimental scratches, clean tile and stone with softer sponges. Nylon, microfiber, and soft brushes will help clean stone without damaging its sealant. You can also keep a microfiber towel near the shower to easily soak-up and remove excess water after each use.

Scrub the grout with an old toothbrush.

When you’re cleaning your natural stone, don’t neglect the grout. Similar to the stone, use soft bristles, such as an old toothbrush. With a stone-safe grout cleaner, gently scrub to lift and clean the grime. Rinse with warm water.

Steam clean it.

The best way to clean your stone shower is with steam. Steam loosens up the stone pores and makes cleaning easier, try cleaning your stone after using the shower. Increase steam cleaning’s effectiveness by calling the R&S experts. We use hot-water extraction steam cleaning methods to give your stone shower an impactful deep clean.  Plus, our team will seal your stone to make your clean last longer!

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