At R&S, we know how easy it can be to get overwhelmed by cleaning chores, especially during the winter months. If you feel like you’re falling behind, don’t worry; R&S has you covered! Below are our top tips and tricks to take into 2022 that will help you create good cleaning habits that will leave your house sparkling and clutter-free.  

Finish What You Have Before Buying More 

It’s easy to stock up on items that you know you’ll need in the future, however, buying multiple of the same item creates unnecessary clutter in your home. Make it a point to finish everything you have first before buying more. Whether that be using the last few drops of lotion, the last bit of toothpaste, or the rest of the laundry detergent, this will help you bring less clutter into your home, and waste less.  

Make Your Bed First Thing in the Morning 

The best way to start off the day is by doing something that makes you feel accomplished. Something as simple as making your bed right when you get up can help set the mood for the whole day and motivate you to tackle other cleaning tasks throughout the day.  

Put Your Clothes Away Every Night 

It’s convenient to toss your clothes on the floor or onto a nearby chair to “deal with tomorrow.” But eventually, tomorrow turns into the next day, and so on. Putting your clothes away every night will reduce clutter and help you easily find them next time you want to wear them.  

Give Every New Item a Home 

We’re all guilty of buying new items and then letting them sit in an entryway, dining room table, or tucked away in the closet. While it might be hard to decide where you want to place your new purchase, not doing so creates unnecessary clutter. As soon as you bring a new item into your living space, give it a proper and permanent home.  

Dedicate 5-10 Minutes for Tidying Up Every Night 

Before you get into bed, take five to ten minutes every night to tidy up any unresolved messes in your home. Instead of pushing it off until the next day, cleaning up before you lay down to rest will give you peace of mind knowing you’re living in a clean and well-kept space.  

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