After a long and unpredictable year (to say the least), the winter season is approaching with snow and colorful streetlights. With this coming season, we want to make sure that your homes feel fresh and look like new to end this year on a good note.

R&S decided to make a 1-week cleaning schedule to make sure that you can, little by little, leave your place spotless and keep your mind at peace.

R&S Day-by-day 1-Week Winter Cleaning Plan

Day 1 

Be your own guest. On the first day in your cleaning schedule, why not take a tour in your house and find the spots that need a deep clean? Before you start cleaning anything, look for and take note of any places that might have hidden spots and never got a proper clean, such as the side of your fridge, behind cabinets, and under your couch. Make a list of things that need special cleaning attention, and don’t worry, we will come back to them on day 4!

Day 2

Clean up all the areas that take extra time and are not likely to get dirty again. Good examples are windows, curtains, and baseboards around the house. Wipe down all your windows, launder all your curtains, and run a damp cloth over all the baseboards to make sure you get those out of the way.

Day 3

Go to each bedroom and vacuum all the carpet floors and rugs. Launder the bedding to give the room an extra fresh feel. Don’t forget to clean the bathrooms and any stone showers that you might have. Check to make sure you have the necessities needed such as hand soap and the proper odor neutralizing disinfectants.

Day 4

For day 4 of your cleaning schedule, clean the common areas that you have been using, such as living room, dining area, and other areas used daily. Wipe down all the hard surfaces and lauder any soft items that might need to be freshened up. Remember to disinfect frequently used items like remotes and light switches as well.

Oh, remember the notes you took on day 1? Today is also the day to clean all the spots that are usually hidden and don’t get much attention. You can then go back to cleaning them again in one year.

Day 5

It is time to deep clean your kitchen. This might seem obvious, but it is extremely important to pay attention to even the smallest details in this space. The kitchen is one of the areas that you will spend the most time in with your family, so it’s important to make sure it gets the care it deserves.

Day 6

We are almost there. Day 6 should be a fun, creative day. Think about any final personal touches that you can make to the house by adding cute family portraits, candles, and flowers around the house. Think of yourself as an interior decorator sent to make the house feel more like a home.

Day 7

On your last day, go around the house one last time, fix any small things that stick out to you. Then, sit-back, relax and appreciate the work you have done during this week.


If you follow these tips, you can work 30-60 minutes every day for a week and leave your place spotless, instead of over-working all at once and missing some important cleaning details.

If you need a hand leaving your place radiant for the end of the year, call R&S today to schedule a deep clean and freshen up your home! 970.945.7591