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For over 35 years, we have established ourselves as a leading cleaning company in Western Colorado. Our dedicated team, armed with in-depth experience, and education, always provides extensive cleaning services, consistently exceeding industry standards.


R&S technicians, backed by education and experience, can accurately assess and identify the best possible clean on any surface or stain. For more complex cleans, our experts are on-call 24/7 to advise technicians for a confident clean.


R&S technicians are IICRC certified, the world’s most recognized industry certification, and we stay updated on leading cleaning methods through continued education. With in-depth knowledge and experience, R&S provides services you can trust.

Dear Rash & Son Carpet Cleaning:

Rash & Son was here today cleaning our rental apartments carpet & let me just say that we’re very pleased! Thank you for your amazing service! Sincerelly, Bianca and family.

Bianca Kapneck Holman

Rash & Son Upholstery Cleaning Services


At Rash & Son we strive to offer the best experience possible. If you have any concerns or questions not answered here please feel free to contact us.

Are all R&S cleanings guaranteed?

Although R&S can’t promise that every spot can be cleaned and will stay clean, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with any of our cleanings, our R&S team will come back free of charge.

Does R&S treat area rugs?

Yes! Using our specialized hot water extraction method, R&S can safely clean all fabric types. We can effectively clean most area rugs on-site; however, depending on fabric delicacy, our team will make arrangements to transport and clean area rugs at one of our trusted facilities.

Does R&S offer estimates?

R&S offers free estimates that take approximately 30 minutes. Our expert technicians will come to your home, conduct a walk-through, and assess the cleaning process and price estimate.

Are there any weekend services?

R&S services generally occur within Monday – Friday business hours; however, we understand your busy schedule and can make weekend and evening accommodations. Please give us a call to further discuss this possibility.

Does R&S provide emergency after hours services?

Yes! R&S always has a team of technicians on-call that provide emergency cleaning services to our commercial property clients. Learn more about our expert Commercial Cleaning.


Can R&S clean and sanitize animals stains?

Yes, R&S can effectively clean pet caused stains. R&S examines the stained area and applies an enzyme-based cleaning agent. Our leave-in treatment that continually feeds off of and removes bodily fluids producing a lasting clean. In extreme cases, R&S experts will provide recommendations for repair or replacement (this is mainly seen when male cat spray has soaked into wood flooring or foundations).

Does R&S do commercial or business/office cleaning services?

R&S provides expert cleaning services for all kinds of buildings and properties. From commercial and office buildings, to private homes and rental complexes, you can trust the R&S team to quickly and effectively restore your area to a sparkling clean. Learn more about our Commercial Cleaning services.


Does R&S provide regularly scheduled cleaning services to privately owned vacation rental properties?

Yes! R&S specializes in deep cleaning VRBOs, condos, and other vacation rentals/property management buildings. However, our services are not a maid-like cleaning service; our team provides deep cleans that preserve the areas within your home/property. Learn more about our Commercial Cleaning services.

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